Unboss your organization and put people first

Unboss your organization and put people first

Create a context in which employees themselves are the change
and drive innovation

Use Hifluence’s techniques, research, tools and loads of experience to organize the work
in your company more effectively and productively

Change and future of work by Hifluence

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Unbossing Ericsson Belgium

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Prepare yourself as a leader for the journey, map out what the organization needs today and plan a truly sustainable approach



Promote psychological safety and bring more effectiveness and productivity to your teams


Develop the skills and processes needed for innovation and make them part of the daily workplace

This Hifluence training was very profound, intensive and confronting. It helped us as a team to to create an appropriate structure and work better together.

Nathalie Mertens

Key Account Manager


Hifluence is our trusted partner and inspiring mentor in the development of the ‘Materné Verzekert of tomorrow’ as well as the corporate ventures in which we invest.

Olivier Swolfs



Hifluence is a partner in the development of our organization that knows how to grasp the core of what we do and deliver from out of our purpose.

Ruben Missine

Head of Department Business Analytics