Eliminate bureaucracy,
cultivate zero-distance to
your customers

For the love of people and business

We are a passionate team of entrepreneurs. We simplify big companies by advising them how to take away unnecessary micromanagement and put every employee into direct contact with a customer.

Reset your organization

You have a fantastic brand, but… your organization has become bureaucratic, rigid and slow. Despite countless change initiatives, moral is low. Too many initiatives create a burden on top of the day-to-day.

You want a pioneering spirit and agility. You want ownership over bureaucracy. You want business units and teams fluently working together and co-creating solutions your clients dream of.

We believe this is possible by reseting the way your organization functions. For the love of your people, business and clients, We want you to stay relevant. Also in the future. 

A place where things become much simpler…

Unbossing is the radical simplification of how your organization works.
We work simultanuosly on three levels of behavioral change:

1. What do you believe? Purpose. Vision. Identity

2. What do you do? Systems and processes

3. What do you get? Daily actions and decisions


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