Unboss your organization
and liberate human potential

We maximize employee engagement

By inspiring people to take ownership and focus on value-creation.

You have a fantastic brand, but your organization has become bureaucratic, rigid, riskaverse and slow. Despite countless change initiatives, moral is low. Too many initiatives create a burden on top of the day-to-day. You want a pioneering spirit. You want ownership over hierarchy. You want business units and teams fluently working together. This is where Hifluence thrives.  We co-create a radical sparkle of change by Unbossing leaders, employees and operating models.


“Make every employee directly face a customer and realize both
employee engagement and customer value”

A fool with a tool is still a fool

Many employees have learnt from past experience not to trust people at the top, nor consultants.
And now, we are asking them to join in a change that might not make sense to them, at least at first.
They will join only if they really trust us.

That’s why Hifluence goes far beyond acquiring new skills, tools and practices. 
Before anything else we achieve mindset breakthroughs that result in a radical redesign of the operating model. 

We combine obsession for business goals with a unique talent to empathise and connect with your people from a place of trust.  This is how we ignite people and teams to jump into the unknown, to start taking ownership and to unboss themselves.


Operating Models we Master


Haier's Rendanheyi

Holacracy/Sociocracy 3.0

We obsess about you 

We are a unique club of A-type consultants and former CEO’s with two things in common:
(1) unbossing DNA and (2) customer obsession. 

We are NOT in the billability business.
We believe the best advice is personal and comes from somebody who knows you well and loves you.
Therefore, we carefully select which customers to obsess about. Only a handful at a time. 

Each customer receives our unique complementarity of unbossed energies and skills. From male to female energy.
From doing to being. From unbossed marketing to HR.
From strategic goal setting over decentralized organization structures to meeting productivity.
And everything in between.

Hifluence is the place where all this comes together into one massive source of inspiration, motivation and change.

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