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Maand: augustus 2015

“At a time of mounting concern about climate change, governments are under pressure to introduce renewable sources of energy in order to cut greenhouse gas emissions” This quote introduced an article published in the Financial Times in November 2014. When I graduated 13 years ago, climate change was already a hot topic and I am […]

We see all kinds of advertisements surrounding us every day. In a way, we’ve already adjusted our brain to ignore these boring ads that we see on the way to work, on magazines and web pages because the traditional advertising models are becoming more and more predictable and clichéd that it no longer excites us. [...]

‘Cloud strategies for digital transformation’ The essential cloud question for enterprises has changed over the past three years from ‘should we migrate?’ to ‘what and when?’. Read everything: http://www.information-age.com/industry/services/123459860/cloud-strategies-digital-transformation

The real downside to digital currencies? You can’t flip em’! It was during my second year of college that I encountered the term Bitcoin. At that moment, it was nothing more then a geeky nice to know that everyone thought would pass. I did some research into it, understood the principle and continued along: arguably […]