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Maand: maart 2016

What will be the impact of Artificial Intelligence on financial markets and wealth management in the years to come? Combining the best of reinforcement learning and deep neural networks, a prototype engine was built in order to automatically derive End-of-Day trading strategies for equity markets. A new concept was launched: Cognition-based Equity Portfolio Optimisation (CEPO). […]

Koen Wijnen doesn’t believe that human beings are capable of truly understanding the dynamics of markets and the driving forces behind these dynamics. Here’s his personal perception on things based on 15 years of experience in the domain. A hybrid approach might be needed to truly address this challenge. While mathematics is science, and statistics is partly science […]

SCRUM – Adapting to the ever-changing world Can SCRUM provide a solution for organizations? The world around us is changing faster than  ever. This poses challenges: organizations have to adapt at a dazzling  pace to seize and leverage the arising opportunities. This poses challenges in their way of working as adapting quickly to these changes […]