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Our 4 basic “Business MUST DO’s” to make Hifluence grow

Our 4 basic “Business MUST DO’s” to make Hifluence grow


Growing Hifluence culturally, financially, spiritually, etc is the only thing we care about.  To support the success of our business we consistently apply the following 4 basic business MUST DO’s to promote who we are, what we do and why we do it. 

If you’re thinking about starting a small business on your own or looking to improve your current business, following these 4 basic  MUST DO’s will help you go the distance.


Be authentic and inject your content into the universe

Being authentic means in the first place: stop lying to yourself about what you can or can’t do. In order to prove that Hifluence is truly capable of helping ccompanies and brands, just like yours, constantly evolve, improve and add value through a unique set of proven tools, strategies and digital technologies, and that we’re worth your money, we must earn your trust first. And the only way to do that is by being open & honest about everything. That’s why we consistently share everything we dream, desire, have and do. We inject all the energy we have in the universe because we believe that this will trigger others who feel the same way will cross our paths. Plus, as all our content comes from our passion and intuition we know for a fact that it’s always unique. So wheater its during a sales meeting, on the hifluence blog, our YouTube channel, our website or even when we reply to a customer email with a helpful comment. We use every opportunity to share our all: beliefs, visions & values, knowledge and expertise.  

Meet people, see people with similar energy & vibes

Meet people, see people is the n°1 way to connect with our audience and grow our customer base. We urge every Hifluencer to look for as many random encounters, often without any expectations, as much as possible. Scanning social media networks, teaming up with another industry influencer or writing for a popular magazine, etc. There are a million great ways to do it. Just make sure to always look for others that have similar energy and vibes and show the world that you are human beings trying to have an impact on the world.  

Set your own standards (and make sure they are higher than the standards of your customers)

So extremely important, so simple to say, but oh so difficult to execute. As Hifluence, we feel it’s not possible to know for sure what your customer’s standards are. Therefore, making assumptions and acting accordingly is completely useless. We raise our own standards and set them as high as we can. That’s what we focus on in every project and that’s why we have defined specific rituals for every project to achieve that. Honestly, this is probably the hardest of the 4 must do’s, but also the most fullfilling because you become better and better at it with every failure you go through.  

Give Back to the Community

Understanding the needs of our community helps us to truly connect with the people around us. The Hifluence community, namely the Flanders region, despirately needs more entrepreneurship. That’s why Hifluence started the “Hifluence innovation factory”: We use our talents & skills to help people with innovating ideas. We turn these ideas into business plans, create a brand, set-up their social media, connect them with potential partners. In short, we give all we have, but money. Not only Hifluence grows from this initiative, but also our customers benefit. We continuously learn new things, new ways of working and at the same time make the world a better place. How cool is that?

Nick Van Langendonck

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