What is psychological safety?

What is psychological safety?

Today we will take you into (recent) history and tell you a bit more about the origins of ‘psychological safety’.    It is the key ingredient of the five team dynamics for effective teams that Hifluence helps companies with!    We’ll tell...

Hifluence starts Academy

Artikel 5 februari 2020 Made in Antwerpen To achieve our further growth and ambition, Hifluence is starting its own Academy.  It will provide keynotes, inspiration sessions, training and education for companies, professionals, consultants, … The company from...

Hifluence Inspiration Tour Antwerp

On 30 January 2020 we held our annual New Year’s Eve event with Hifluence. This private event in Fosbury & Sons was dedicated to inspiring talks and applications around people-first culture, unbossing organizations and sustainable innovation. You can find an...


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