Develop the skills and mindset to build a context in which employees themselves are the change and drive innovation

Hifluence studies all globally published techniques in the field of organisational structure, culture change and operations. That’s why we collaborate with the Antwerp Management School, for example. We do not believe in imposing one specific system or methodology, and we accept no dogma’s at Hifluence. We do, however, help you build the organisation you need.

Go on a journey with Hifluence and create your own “people-first” organisation.

We put everything we learn into practice. Our keynotes and training courses deliver the essence of what we have achieved – as well as some extraordinary results. Our objective? ‘Touch’ our participants in heart and mind and send them home with specific tools & techniques they can start using immediately.

Hifluence Inspiration Tour

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Don’t let go, but hold differently

From “very inspiring” to “a little unusual” to “raw and emotional”. This keynote leaves no one unmoved. For two hours, Nick Van Langendonck leads the entire room outside of its comfort zone of typical leadership, gives one practical handle after the other and points out things that we are especially allowed to unlearn.


The power of modular organisational structures

In collaboration with Jan Verelst – professor and dean of the Department of Management Information Systems at the University of Antwerp and Antwerp Management School – Hifluence leads the way in applying the principles of normalised (decentralised organised) systems to organisations. In other words: this 60-minute session explains how to break down an organisation to the lowest level of components and rebuild it in a fluent and collaborative future-proof structure.


12 crucial questions for the leaders of tomorrow  

This 60-minute keynote is specifically geared towards leaders who advocate transformation and innovation and wish to bring this change within their own companies. Based on twelve essential questions, personal experiences and life stories, Nick Van Langendonck explains how to write a manifesto for your own personal transformation, which is an essential prerequisite for any successful transformation

Training for leaders 

Leadership Intake

The transformation of any organisation starts with the leaders. 

With this guide you receive the framework that will allow change to develop. What are your leadership preferences, blind spots and fears? Where are your personal limits and how far are you willing to go? Which leadership roles will you take up and which ones will you pass on? Starting up a transformation is one thing, delivering on the promise is a completely different ball game.

Preparing the organisation for transformation

“Look before you leap”, is definitely key when you’re planning a transformation. During this training you will learn how to create trust and support as a leader for an upcoming change. Because there is nothing as destructive as a hastily start of a transformation!

During this training, you’ll learn how to start, where and how long to experiment, realizing where standardization kicks-in and what you can learn from resistance to change.

Training for clear structures, meeting and decision processes

Basic techniques in self-management

During this hands-on session, participants learn everything about equipping teams for autonomy, trust and freedom. What frameworks are needed to balance the authority to make decisions? How to cultivate transparency and reliability in a team? Which values and challenges will generate more autonomy for the personal development of employees?

And finally, you’ll learn about the dangers and misunderstandings considering self-management – as well as dealing with them. Employees who go through this process, will return to their respective organisations inspired and with renewed energy.


Team consultation on steroids

Spending hours a day on too many and unproductive meetings is a disease of our time. Nevertheless, a team meeting can be just as powerful a moment to clear the head, connect around the higher purpose, share information and identify obstacles that hold back the team.
During this half-day workshop, you’ll get familiar with the process of decision making and consultation. The end result? A guaranteed boost in productivity –  regardless of the type of organisation.

The success of autonomous teams

Autonomous cooperation without a clear set of boundaries does not work. It is necessary that everyone understands the expectations of the team, knows how they will meet those expectations – and has the knowledge to measure and lead for performance. There is a need for clear objectives – both set at individual and team level – that are specific, challenging and achievable and fit the set of non-negotiable rules at play. Truly autonomous teams have tight structures that define specific areas of influence, meeting practices and effective decision-making processes. This course teaches the practical techniques and tools to bring optimal autonomy, responsibility & results within your teams.

Modularity in organisations

The program is part of the Master of Enterprise IT Architecture Program at the Antwerp Management School. It is a deep dive into the theory of modular organisational structures and the relevant cases that show that modularity and the theory of normalised systems actually can solve the fundamental problems of traditional organisational structures.

Training for human-centric work, purpose and impact

Purpose-based collaboration  

Having a sense of meaning on the job has a significant impact on the effectiveness of a person and his team. The meaning of the work is personal and can vary: financial security, family support, helping the team or self-expression. In this training you will learn what a purpose really is – it is much more than a mission – how to “listen” to the purpose of a team and how to use it as a compass and key decision-making tool for every decision in the organisation.

Peace-of-mind on the workfloor

Of the five main dynamics of effective teams that researchers identified, psychological safety is by far the most important. Individuals in teams with a higher psychological safety are less likely to leave the organisation, are more likely to harness the power of different ideas from their teammates, generate more revenue and are often twice as effective. Use this training to develop the ability to promote psychological safety in a team.

Training for 21st century skills

Design Thinking Drill

Design Thinking is an intensive, structured innovation cycle that originated at Google Ventures. The goal of this training is to immerse you in the world of your client or user and gain a full understanding of their needs, problems, habits, frustrations and tasks. From the first minute you will learn the techniques by applying them. Show up with the enthousiastic, curious and creative child inside you!

Master your productivity

Getting the work planned and done is a crucial skill for any employee. Nobody tells you what to do anymore. You give shape to your own life. That does not mean that the abundance of tasks disappears. On the contrary. During this half-day training, you’ll develop a work-life productivity approach that puts things in order. You’ll learn how to set priorities and be productive. You’ll free your mind for ideas, not for keeping track of information. This training is the basis for better performance, creativity and innovation.


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Purpose-driven sales
Honest and challenging feedback in a psychologically safe context
Dynamic strategy execution
Recruiting hard with a heart

This Hifluence training was very profound, intensive and confronting. It helped us as a team to create an appropriate structure and work better together.

Nathalie Mertens

Key Account Manager