What are 21st century skills?

21st Century skills are abilities that we believe everybody in the organization from the CEO to the cleaning staff and everybody around should master if they want to thrive in the organizations and the world of 21st century.  We at Hifluence see 5 abilities that are...

What is unboss?

The term unboss comes from the book Unboss published in 2014 and written by 80some people in a collaborative effort let by Lars Kolind and Jacob Botter.  Unbossing is a new perspective on organizations. It’s a mindset that turns conventional , 20th century...

Hifluence Inspiration Tour Antwerp

On 30 January 2020 we held our annual New Year’s Eve event with Hifluence. This private event in Fosbury & Sons was dedicated to inspiring talks and applications around people-first culture, unbossing organizations and sustainable innovation. You can find an...

5 Employee Engagement stats you must know!


Check out 4 easy ways to discover how unbossing increases employee engagement!



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