Hifluence Consultancy

Implementeer op zes maanden de Hifluence blauwdruk voor innovatieve, modulaire ondernemingen.


Modular, autonomous teams with a creative can-do mentality that are close to their clients and collaborate within clear and trust-based structures.

The challenge: Did you know that over half of the employees does not feel involved when a company is transforming itself? Even worse: over fifteen percent says to feel completely disconnected, with mental and physical illness and long-term absences resulting from it.
In short: involvement drops, the productivity takes a dive, while management costs continue to rise.

Our solution: the Hifluence Consultants help organisations with a unique combo of workshops, coaching & guidance towards a new collaboration model. We put creative can-doers at the center and focus on their talents and resilience. We create a safe climate for critical questions, innovative ideas and meaningful work. By implementing clear structures and roles, we create mutual trust and ensure that the work – because in the end that’s what it’s all about – gets done.


1. How long does a journey with Hifluence take?  

Our Hifluence consultant implements the blueprint for effective teams according to the needs of the organisation. The team size is generally between 15 & 20 people.

This can be one team of twenty or four teams of five.
The total journey takes about four to six months.
It is possible to start up several teams at the same time.

Once the blueprint is drawn up, internal ambassadors are invited to stand-up and get started with new teams. When this happens, Hifluence will coach the coach.
During the next phase, there is room to fine-tune the blueprint. Our Academy helps in the acceleration and scaling-up of the rest of the organisation.

2. How important is a management buy-in?

It is crucial. Hifluence won’t start without it.
The leader is the one who sees the need to transform and initiates the change process. It is he/she who directs the transformation with the support of the management.

In many cases, we start with the management team itself or with a team that reports directly to the management.

3. What is the expected investment in time for people?

We ask for one internal project leader for each team.
With the help of Hifluence, this person will spend two days a month on supporting the project. Typically this involves providing information to the team, scheduling workshops and discussing results.
We organise one workshop per month with the entire team and one meeting per month with the management.

Hifluence’s involvement is hands-on: we coach and work with you. Next to our physical presence at the client, we have a 24/7 guaranteed coaching life-line for the team lead.


Leadership & Organisation Transformations

Change &

& Integrations

Corporate Venturing

Customer cases

Ericsson Belgium

  • Launch of the new strategic plan 2022
  • In the midst of a 5G war with Nokia and Asian Competitors
  • Business model transition from product to services 
  • Internal competition between sales and operations
  • Co-creation initiatives have limited success
  • Average employee age is 47 years
  • Project Owner: CEO & HR
  • Project runtime: one month



     From silos to synergy

    From tensions to trust

    From complexity to collaboration

    From fear to fun






      • New CEO transitions from command-and-control leadership style to customer centricity and self-management 
      • Business model transition to partnership-ecosystem
      • 30% lay off due to new company strategy
      • Received 4 million grants for complete renovation of the exhibition space
      • Management is not a team, but group of individuals
      • Goal is to lower % share of grants in the total revenue
      • Project Owner: CEO & Lead of Customer Experience
      • Project runtime: one month











      Higher team productivity with less people

      Two “toxic” employees were dismissed

      Open debate on who does which management tasks

      Psychological safety makes people discuss and resolve tensions and problems

      Shared goals create clarity and engagement

      Aligned management team 

      Design Thinking, Lean Start-up & Agile working


      We are a registered service provider for KMO-portefeuille