By going on this journey with Hifluence and changing our structure and how we operate, the collaboration between the teams, communication and decentralized decision-making has improved. The leadership team has been strengthened with representatives from the field. Decisions are now based more on practical experience and are supported more quickly. Reducing the number of meetings, while making them more efficient, has resulted in a considerable time saving.

Bank van Breda

Vic Pourbaix, Member of the executive team

Welcome to the Unbossing community. You are in the best company on your journey with our Hifluence friends.

Jaguar LandRover Europe

Giovanni Tanzarella, Director Business Transformation

Hifluence is a partner in the journey of our people and organization that knows how to grasp the core of why we do what we do.

Colruyt Group

Ruben Missine , Division Manager Business Analytics & Intelligence & Digital

I am already applying some of the ‘unbossed’ learnings from the skill-driven inspiration sessions with my team. I think it is one of the first times that I remember what I learned and I am not afraid to apply the learnings as they are simple meaningful and truly powerful.

Jaguar Landrover France

Rémi Vuillemin, Client Director

Hifluence is our trusted partner and inspiring mentor in the development of the ‘Materné Verzekert of tomorrow’ as well as the corporate ventures in which we invest.

Materné Verzekert

Olivier Swolfs, CEO

The impact of the Hifluence offsite experience was very profound, intensive and confronting. It helped us discuss tensions, create a clear team structure and simply work better together.


Nathalie Mertens , Key Account Manager

The quality of your guidance in our journey and you align content and form continues to carry my admiration.

Colruyt Group

Katrin Ophalvens , People & Organization


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