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Your industry is changing rapidly. Pressure is coming from everywhere. Our unbossing games and inspiration sessions help you discover how unbossed leaders, teams, processes and culture could keep you ahead of the curve.

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What we can do for you:

1. Play our innovation board game (online & offline version)
Powered by The Forge and developed in cooperation with Ghent University.

This game is built for leadership teams to experience how to make the right, evidence-based decisions for your innovation management.

Get up to speed with the latest worldwide research and learn what actions really make a difference in stimulating an innovative climate? What choices should  managers make to stimulate innovation in your departement? Which processes work, and which don’t?

The game takes 3 hours and can be played with up to 30 participants. This is top notch team building, playfull learning, in-depth discussing with peers and above all super fun!

“How do you unleash innovation from within? Hint: it’s not by launching new innovation committees! The Hifluence Innovation Game will provide you and your team with surprising and fascinating scientific insights in an entertaining way!”

Thomas Hubbuch, former Sugar CEO

2. Masterclass Unbossing:
Insights from worldclass unbossers

This inspiration session is built around our fundamental breakthroughs and essential insights from working with the world’s top unbossed leaders from iconic management gurus Gary Hamel and Frederic Laloux to elite executives like Steven Baert (Chief People at Novartis).

Their experiences will help you address your organization’s most challenging questions, achieve extraordinary results and even transform your personal life.

The purpose of this session is to challenge your assumptions and to inspire you to do things differently in work and in life.

4. Company Events

Co-create an inspiration event with Hifluence, both online or offline. 

Inspire dialogue on what unbossing could mean for the employees, the customers and the business.

We address all relevant unbossing themes such as leadership, trust, innovation, customer-centricity, autonomy and psychological safety. 

The main goal for everyone is to go home with an in-depth understanding about what unbossing is, how it can create value for the company and practical how-to’s to get started.

Discover Unbossing Games & Sessions

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