Engage Unbossers Sprint

Develop unbossing capabilities and create alignment on the future unbossed state of your organization using our unbossed leadership ignition sprint

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Why preparing your peer leaders is so important?

Unbossing an organization is a journey that manifests itself mainly within the organization, at the grassroots level. Nevertheless, all our research and experience shows that starting a successful transformation first and foremost requires:

1. a top leader who wants, understands and drives the change

2. an aligned leadership team that passionately supports the journey

What is an Engage Unbosser Sprint? 

Our quick, intensive engage unbossers sprint is built up step-by-step. It brings together everything we’ve learned from our own experience and in-depth study of worldwide cases to prepare a top leader, the leadership team and a coalition of willing for the journey.  

The goal is to fully align and commit you and your team around a clear and well-defined ‘future unbossed state’ of the organization and help you put your unbossing dollars towards initiatives that work.

We work with you as the top leader to achieve the following 4 objectives:

  1. Sharpen your personal perspective on the organization’s transformation and the personal leadership shift you are willing to make;
  2. Engage and align your leadership team for the journey and invite them to become role-models for unbossed leadership;
  3. Equip your leadership team with key essential leadership tools, techniques and insights to kick-off the first pragmatic initiatives;
  4. Build a coalition of the willing to kick-off the first wave of experiments

How we engage and ignite your leadership team and a coalition of willing unbossers?

Work alongside key stakeholders in your business and our unbossing experts. Together, you’ll set the right priorities, create metrics to track your progress, and build a clear action plan that everyone’s on board with.

Step 1: Assess the talents & passions of the organization

Online, data-driven component with suprising insights to set the journey in motion, to shape it in the right way and to enter into a fundamental dialogue with your peers.

Step 3: Personal drivers and blind spots of each member of the leadership team

A second online component will provide insights into the energetic drivers, behaviors and control mechanisms of each individual member of the leadership team. This is an excellent start for their own personal transformation and will enhance the quality of interpersonal interaction and collaboration within the team. 

Step 5: Engage a coalition of willing

Produce a clear unbossing story as valuable first experiment that’s easily understood by people at all levels of your organization and invites them to participate.

Step 2: Top leader intakes

Prepare the top leader for the transformation, work on his/her personal transformation and support the top leader in preparing the alignment and engagement of the leadership team.

Step 4: Aligning the Leadership Team

Bring the top leader and the leadership team together, map out how you’ll achieve your business goals, from the initiatives you’ll run, to the budget, and the governance model. and take decisions you’re all on board. 

We do this in such a way it cultivates the individual feeling of psychological safety, structure and clarity, dependability, impact and meaning of each member of the team within the context of the unbossing journey. 

Engage Unbossers Sprint

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