Experiment Unbossing Sprint

Introduce your organization to an unbossed way of working and give them hands-on experience with the mindset, skills, systems and culture of an unbossed organization


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What we can do for you

Unbossing experiments with concrete short-term results and sustainable long-term insights for the journey

Pilot self-managing teams

Implement a collaborative system at small scale

Internal Unbossing Podcast

Bring the journey to life with inspiring internal stories about customers, people, trust, empowerement and purpose

Objective & Key Results Sprint

Test the startegic framework of unbossed organizations and learn to create clarity and focus

Voting by feet in meetings and projects

Learn how the organization really feels about certain meetings and projects by giving them the power to leave

Taste the Feedback chocolate

Practice feedback and turn conflicts into opportunities

Practice new meeting formats

Solve the meeting disease and turn meetings into valuable moments together

Investigate Agile

More iterative and incremental projects with the teams having a clear understanding of the iteration’s goal

Job Crafting

Invite people to turn their boring job into a job they’ll love

Talents & Passions Assessments

Use unique insights into the talents and passions of your organization and your people to trigger dialogue on the future of the organization

Launch an internal kickstarter platform

Source innovation from within

Test different ways of decision-making

Discover the art of autocratic, democratic, consensus and consent decision-making

Redesign internal processes

Apply an unbossed way of working to solve internal bottlenecks in budgetting, evaluation or other internal processes

How we get value from these experiments?


After every wave of experiments and before scaling the unbossing journey to the broader organization, we first collect feedback from the stakeholders involved and measure the results and impact.


What worked well and what should be improved in the next wave of experiments? Are the experiment loops long enough to deliver actual results, and short enough to grant efficiency? Is the commitment of executives and the leadership team still strong enough to continue the journey?

Refine (for roll-out)

Based on the feedback and evaluations, we adapt the plan and tools like the duration of experiments, intensity of trainings, weekly commitment, diversity of the team and the tools used.

Experiment Unbossing Sprint

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