Viralize Unbossing Program

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What is a Viralize Unbossing Program?
It’s about scaling unbossing at large

The viralize unbossing program is an approach to de-risk the roll out of unbossing practices within the entire organization. You’ll develop, test, and grow new unbossing initiatives within the teams. Teams collaborate virtually following a structured blueprint designed to bring more value to customers, employees and company purpose. 

Based on the many journeys we’ve participated in we can state one thing for sure: every journey is unique.
Our experts tailor each viralize program for our clients depending on their business objectives.

”Once you start scaling it becomes all about maintaining perspective. As a leader I try to create a context that invites everyone to stay humble and adopt these new ways of working at their own pace. This phase is never finished. Every day you can do things better than the day before and that is what unbossing is all about”  Paul Van Oyen, CEO Etex Group

How do we scale unbossing? 

The experiment phase was all about creating learning space, where a sub-group of the organization went through real-life business experiments to learn a new way of unbossed working. When scaling the same format to more teams, we want to keep the same run-learn-adapt approach: the unbossed transformation itself needs to be continuously updated to achieve the greatest learning experience and to make the new capabilities land in the daily reality of the participants.

1. Repeat experiments at a larger scale

Run multiple initiatives – real-life business experiments – with multiple teams at the same time. The participants in the first wave of experiments are ideal candidates to become ambassadors and lead these initiatives with support from our unbossing experts.

3. Create an unbossing community

Create a community both for people who have practiced the unbossed approach and for our experts. The goal: to efficiently transfer what’s been learned into the daily processes and spread it to more people.

5. Train internal coaches to lead the journey further

We deliver Train-the-Trainer sessions to build internal expertise in your organization. This will prevent you from being dependent on external consultants. They will act as internal points of reference so that your organization can operate without external consultants or experts.

2. Share experiences

Create an environment where the teams (or representatives from teams) periodically come together and exchange opinions and insights. Hifluence is very creative in sharing learnings and results coming out of the initiatives with the rest of the organization. 

4. Organize an unbossed academy

Invite leaders and team members to participate in open and interactive trainings on the critical skills and competences everyone should master to make your unbossing journey a success

Viralize Unbossing Program

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