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‘Value Creation for the Digital World’ – Johan Merckx'

The way we create business value is becoming increasingly out of date. Dynamic markets, complex ecosystems and disruptive technologies are changing the rules of the game. Meeting these challenges requires transforming our enterprises profoundly. Illustrated with real-life examples from customers, colleagues and friends, this book presents how the author is living the journey of transformation in the companies he is working with.

  • how to innovate products and services by taking an agile, ecosystems approach for value creation?
  • how to transform from siloed technology architectures to integrated digital platforms to connect people, businesses and physical objects in value networks?
  • how to improve organizational structures to better fit value creation by bringing together multidisciplinary teams that operate close to the market?

Let this book inspire you to become yourself a change maker for value creation at your own company. Johan Merckx is our leading enterprise architect helping companies to create better value for the digital world.

De Hifluence Show Soundtrack

Produced by PsySolix (a.k.a Hifluencer Stefano Peeters)

Dit is dé soundtrack van Hifluence. Alle tracks zijn relatief kort, en speicaal gemaakt met specifieke scenes en cultuur binnen Hifluence in gedachten. Wie uitsluitend knorrende bassen en analoge synths verwacht, komt bedrogen uit. Hifluence is een multi-dimensionale organisatie met vele persoonlijkheden verbonden aan één en dezelfde purpose! Geniet, dans en leef jezelf uit op onze Hifluence-vibes!