Interim Management


Inject a(n) (extra) pair of hands to get your work done while
you get upgraded to a high performing culture.

How Unbossed Interim Management works

Inject a full-time unbossed interim manager in the field of Transformation²HR³ or C-Level for 6 to 24 months in your organization to get the job done and move towards a high performing team or organization. 

²Transformation leadership roles, such as: Agile Coaches & Leadership, Product Owners, Organizational and Digital Transformations roles.

³HR leadership roles, such as: HR / Talent Acquisition Manager, HR / Talent Acquisition Business Partner, HR Officer and HR Team Lead Roles.

Making the difference

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Infuse a Mature & Human-Centric leadership style

We screen, select and match the right matching Interim Managers for you, both on hard and on heart characteristics.

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Inject Competences, Knowledge & Tools

We ensure continuous learning and inspiration for our UIM and the company, while working on your project

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Get Community Wisdom 

We provice extra inspiration and insights via our Knowledge Sharing Community

Your Challenges & Our Solutions

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How can you detect that an interim manager has the soft skills and personality to fit our project, our culture and has a certain mindset?

We select our Unbossed Interim Managers through a Peer-to-Peer process. What we look for is a human-centric leadership mindset, a combination of hard & soft skills and the fit with your company values. The UIM is someone who feels the team and organizational culture and take this into account when progressing to a high performing culture. 

I need someone with more than one field of expertise, I am searching for somebody with a growth mindset focused on lifelong learning & experimentation.
Several Trainings, Knowledge and a Toolsets are taught to our Unbossed Interim Managers while they are working on your project.
I need more than the personal opinion, vision and learnings of just one interim manager.
The Unbossed Interim Manager is backed-up by the Hifluence peer-2-peer Community, so she or he can exchange learnings and sharping up ideas.


A sustainable and trustful environment is being created where productivity is increasing and employee and customer satisfaction scores are thriving.
The Unbossed Interim Manager will get things done efficiently, inject a continuous learning mindset and knowledge in your organization.
The sparring sessions in our Community will result in bringing fresh and proven ideas, processes and solutions in your team, project or organization.

Are you looking for an unbossed interim manager?

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