Lunch & Learn

a short, informal, inspiring and ‘yummy’ introduction session at your office..

What is a Hifluence Lunch & Learn? 

A Hifluence Lunch & Learn is a short, informal, inspiring and ‘yummy’ introduction session between 12h – 14h, at your office. Accompanied by delicious and healthy food, we provide you with inspiring, practice-oriented content about flexible, learning and self-managing organisations and teams. Our promise? To spoil the hearts, minds and bellies of your employees.

Why should you organise a Lunch & learn?

This format is an easily accessible way to create support around several pain points that exist within your organisation. Think about: psychological safety, reliability, structure and clarity, meaning and impact. Click here to read why it are precisely these dynamics that are so crucial for effective teams and organisations. 

What can you expect from a Lunch & Learn?

The content consists of recognisable examples and practical exercises. In the process, participants learn to understand what frameworks can be used to work together and increase autonomy in the organisation:


  • How the effectiveness of meetings can be drastically increased.
  • How tensions can best be discussed.
  • What dangers hide around the corner.

Sounds interesting? 

We keep the food as a surprise, but clients tell us it’s great. Maybe best of all,
you don’t have to prepare anything. Just be there, that’s enough!


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