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Every monday morning, Hifluence founder Nick sends out an exclusive and personal email with the most inspiring and coolest things he found (or explored) that week in the world of unbossed organizations and human conscious entreprises. It could include exclusive giveaways or chances to interact with Hifluence, books, podcasts, videos, articles, new hacks/tricks, and of course all sorts of inspiring stuff that might help society create the organizations it needs. These “monday-morning-xtc” emails are only available if you subscribe to our e-mail newsletter.

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    MMXTC has become my weekly source of inspiration to lead with a purpose, to awaken consciousness within any organization, to create & implement new ideas efficiently and to enjoy life in general. 

    Wim Warnier

    Board Member & Co-investor, Hydrobox

    Mmxtc is for me the ideal weekly inspiration moment. New perspectives spiced up with a new Netflix-serie, an inspiring podcast or just some music, it’s enough to stimulate my curiosity and make sure I’m broadening my horizon.

    Karsten Van De Voorde

    Sales Process Manager, Bank Van Breda

    Every week, thanks to the MMXTC, I discover an original tip – something to read, to look at, to think about. Many newsletters are purely self-promotion, but none of them with the MMXTC. Valuable content comes first.
    Thanks Nick!

    Jana Wuyts

    Social Media Expert & Copywriter

    Mmxtc is my inspiration shot on Monday, my starting boost of the week, a positive vibe and point of light, hope in these confusing times, …
    In short, it gives me insight and a heartwarming connection with the beautiful things and people that this planet contains.

    Caroline Van Dieren

    Soul creator for spaces, interior styling & ceramics

    About Nick Van Langendonck

    Purpose driven. Focused on Impact. Want to be the best. Optimistic. Altruistic. A lot of female/soft energy. Working on: listen more. Saying NO in a humble way.

    I’m described and analyzed as a doer who’s key talent it is to inspire and innovate from within a strong operational context. Starting from the reality of every day business I create very clear strategic transition paths to optimize the current situation and easily inspire people to become the change.

    Helping society create the organizations it needs.

    Inspire 1.740.000 people or approximately 3.480 companies in Belgium to become the change. Inspire 700.000.000 people or approximately 34.600 organizations worldwide to become the change.

    Helping brave leaders that want to cultivate the best in people, boost the effectiveness of their teams and unleash innovation



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