Wat doet Hifluence? Welke problemen pakken we aan? 

Our current society forces us to question everything like we never had to do before 

Today, we find ourselves amidst a whirlwind of change and never have we had to share our planet with so many others. And that calls for a reassessment of really everything.

Hifluence builds on the power of change, finds the challenge in difficult questions and creates waves
of positive energy from it.

So why does every Hifluencer get out of bed in the morning?

We’re happy to tell you.


A lightning-fast evolution

We all strive after productivity and control in our professional lives. This aspiration brought a lot of prosperity in the last century. But every day again, we notice we are pushing ourselves more and more – right up to our limits. In recent years, this has resulted – unfortunately – into heavy organisational bureaucracy, placing an ever-increasing burden on human performance and belonging.

For example, in a global study by CB Insights, 677 corporate executives indicated there are four main causes that are slowing down change and creating a lack of innovation:

  • Unclear strategy
  • Slow decision processes
  • Silo structures
  • Lack of ownership

Creating connections

The unique power of mankind throughout our evolution? That is our talent to connect groups of people around something we have in common. In other words: setting up organisations.

We like to compare an organisation with an ‘interface’: it connects our internal environment (beliefs, culture, behaviour, structure and processes) seamlessly with our external environment (customers, partners, technology, the world). And as long as the internal environment is suitable for the external environment, and vice versa, the organisation will serve its purpose.

Stay up to date, keep your connection

Today we are looking at organisations with a 10,000-year-old view. This view is full of unique and indispensable insights into how our external world is constantly evolving and how we need to adapt our internal environment accordingly. But the latest major breakthrough? That was the Industrial Revolution. In other words: an old-fashioned, not up-to-date vision of the world.

And that is a challenge in every organisation: the external environment continues to change fundamentally and continuously. The internal environment is outdated and can no longer keep up. The result: you lose connection, create short-circuits – and fewer and fewer companies succeed in achieving their goal.

Restore the connection between internal and external

We therefore face an important and pressing challenge: adapting the internal environment of
our organisations to our constantly and exponentially changing external environment..



“What kind of organisation does this new world need
and what role does it play in our lives?


Old versus new: we have to make a choice … and quick!

We live in a divided world. On the one hand, there are still big and old conflicts, both religious and politically driven. Within the framework of entrepreneurship of the modern 21st century, on the other hand, we strive for peace and tolerance.

This division brings us on the brink of great changes. The choice we now must make is located at an individual level as well as at a societal level. And current technological developments are so rapid and far-reaching that we are in need of a clear vision that gives us direction at all levels.


From Church & state to organisations & connection

We firmly believe that this clear vision will not be provided by religious leaders, politicians or other ideologies, as was mostly the case in the past. Not surprisingly: in our Western society, religious institutions have not been important determinants of values, beliefs, culture and systems for many years now. We also note that the relevance of – and belief in – politics is seriously declining.

RESULT: A social vacuum is being created and companies can fill it.


In the past, organisations were formed in line with the views of Church and politics.
Tomorrow, the reference point will be the world view of entrepreneurs.

Skeptical? Then look at the impact of giants such as Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook or Tesla on our society in the last ten years. When you add up the impact of all business leaders in the world, you will come to realise where the real levers to change our society are.

Today, there is no place or institution where we spend more time than at work.
Moreover, there is no other place where we are so intensely confronted with the realities of the technological revolution.

RESULT: Organisations have developed into the ideal microcosm in which people work together, share visions
and set up new ways of communications. In short: a microcosm in which we live together.


And now? Revolution

At Hifluence we believe that this century will be revolutionary: this is the moment in history where our world view will be (re)shaped. In fact, we are already experiencing this change.

How we look at our place in the universe, in society, how we look at change, … it will all influenced by our experiences of the companies we work in.

And from there on out, we will integrate that view of the world into our lives – influencing politics as well as religion. And as with any world-shattering revolution, it won’t be top down – it’ll be bottom up.


Hifluence connects love with technology

We are looking for an answer to the questions ‘how are we going to organise the companies of the future?’ and ‘what does it mean to be human in the 21st century?’.

After all, it are the employees who will be shaping the new internal environment: one that is suitable for the external environment of the 21st century. It are the employees – and not Church or state – who will have to make decisions and set forth the way ahead.

We need to know who we want to be in a world where technology will match and surpass all human skills and intelligence? And what do we as human beings want to, can or should contribute in the short time we are here on this earth?

Hifluence looks for the answers – together with you

In everything we do, we strive to create a loving society in harmony with exciting new technology. We aim to organise a microcosm that reflects the loving and effective corporate culture and systems we are yearning for.

Through consultancy and training, we plant as many seeds of this vision as possible in every organisation that is willing and open to help develop this new reality. This way, we try to inspire as many people as possible, so that they in turn can inspire others. ‘Paying it forward’ as they sometimes call it.

Our purpose: the core, dreams, goals and expectations of Hifluence

By 2030 we want to inspire 200 companies with the same number of Hifluencers.
We do this because we believe this is necessary to have a significant impact on a world of love and joy, to help shape it and to influence the revolution from within.