Hifluence Scan

Our Hifluence team scan is the perfect guide to create support from data and insights about the most important pain points and potential solutions to resolve them.

The challenge: There is no sacred plan to transform a team or organization. Although it is a frequently asked question, there is not even a fixed starting point. The most important thing is to identify the organization’s biggest suffering and from there think carefully about the first move in the change.

Our solution: Based on global research, Hifluence designed a team scan. It consists of intake interviews and an online survey that map out the level of psychological safety, reliability, structure and clarity, impact and meaning of the organization. The results of this scan, enhanced with our own experiences and insights, create a full-blown map of the situation. We come up with recommendations with clear recommendations of where to start and how to move forward.


1. Where do we best start with the transformation?

Bottom-up, top-down, a specific team or rather a process that runs through the entire organization? This scan will point out the right direction.

2. In which areas can we expect proposals from the scan?   

The recommendations offer a 360° perspective.  The intrinsic qualities as well as the blind spots of the organization will be uncovered. 
We work on mindset, beliefs and behavior as well as systems, processes and rules.

3. How many teams take part in the scan?  

Ideally, all layers and of the organization are represented. It sometimes happens that it is still too early to invite people organization-wide. We advise then to start with the management itself and the teams of direct reports.


4. How do we deal with resistance?

Resistance will be there. The scan will reveal this clearly. During the feedback workshop we will discuss tensions, translate them into proposals and learn how to bring together conflicting points of view in a reflective and safe way.


Report & proposals


Action plan

From the very first meeting we had a strong connection with Hifluence’s purpose and approach. In recent years, we had laid the foundations for the ‘Materné Verzekert for the future’ together with them. We clearly discovered our polestar and an agile strategy, strengthening the care of our customers with the talents of our team. Hifluence in three words? Inspiring, pragmatic and decisive!

Olivier Swolfs

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