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Hi There,

Little by little we will be posting the transcripts our Unbossing Podcasts online.

We are really fortunate to have thought leaders like our friends Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini,
as well as top executives from leading companies like Paul Van Oyen from Etex, Steven Baert at Novartis and so many others as our guests.

Each of them brings a wealth of unbossing experience and insights and we cannot thank them enough.

Enjoy, be inspired and in turn, inspire people around you!

Team Hifluence

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#006 – Humanocracy Part 1, Gary Hamel:
Full Transcript & WhitePaper

#007 – Humanocracy Part 2, Michele Zanini:
Full Transcript & WhitePaper

#011 – Corporate unbossing par excellence at Novartis, Steven Baert:
Full Transcript
& WhitePaper

#018 – Masterclass humble and contextual leadership, Paul Van Oyen:
Full Transcript
& WhitePaper

#23 – Without friction no shine, Ank De Wilde:
Full Transcript & WhitePaper




Thomas Hubbuch and Nick Van Langendonck
invite you to learn from the breakthroughs of corporate leaders and start-up innovators in unbossing their organizations.

These short-format podcast episodes
are built up around the same central question for each guest: what is the one fundamental breakthrough, the one essential insight these leaders had unbossing their organization and what do they want the whole world to know about?

Why does this show matter?
These leaders inspire the listener to challenge assumptions and do things differently in work and in life helping them create their organization of the future and helping society create the organizations it deserves.


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    Thomas Hubbuch

    During his successful career of 14 years as CEO of Sucre Tirlemont, Thomas reached outstanding performances together with his team of 1000 people: Development of an international sales success with Belgian sugar specialities. Start up of the worlds most technically advanced bio-ethanol refinery. Voted Belgian company with the best reputation according to the Akkanto RepTrak survey. Liberating the full potential of his teams was the major ingredient of all these successes. This made Thomas a dedicated Unbosser, joining the Hifluence movement as a partner with all his mind and heart!

    Nick Van Langendonck

    Nick Van Langendonck is a European pioneer and unshakable optimist in unbossing organizations thanks to a 15 year adventure of both entrepeneurial and big transformation successes and failures. His high energy and unique combination of talents finds its sweet spot in shifting corporate oil tankers into a purpose-driven fleet of entrepreneurial speed boats. He  truly is a force of nature when it comes to inspiring and motivating leaders, teams and organizations towards radical breakthroughs in mindset and operating models. Nick is the founder of Hifluence and guest lecturer at the University of Antwerp and Antwerp Management School.


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