Thomas Hubbuch and Nick Van Langendonck
invite you to learn from the breakthroughs of corporate leaders and start-up innovators in unbossing their organizations.

These short-format (+- 20min) podcast episodes
are built up around the same central question for each guest: what is the one fundamental breakthrough, the one essential insight, these leaders had unbossing their organization and that they want the whole world to know about?

Why does this show matter?
These leaders inspire the listener to challenge assumptions and do things differently in work and in life helping society create the organizations it deserves.


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    What is an unbossed organization?

    An unbossed organization is a framework for everybody to share their passion. It’s a place that abandons the idea that bosses should be in control. Instead, unbossed leaders inspire and advice. The (mental) borders that limit the scope of departments and prevent free collaboration make place for an extended family of unbossed teams where human doing and human being go hand-in-hand.

    To unboss your organization is to embrace the organization as a living organism evolving in a creative process, continuously improving and adapting into something that gets the job done better today and tomorrow. That’s how unbossed organizations put purpose before profit, not for philosophical reasons, but simply because it works much better.

    This podcast aims to connect you with the best of the best not only inspiring you to unboss your organization, but also explaining you how to do it. .

    Thomas Hubbuch

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    Nick Van Langendock

    Nick is the founder of Hifluence, a consultancy firm specialized in unbossing organizations and liberating potential. He is also co-founder of Pebble, an incubator and investor for unbossed SME’s. He is also a guest lecturer at the University of Antwerp and Antwerp Management School.

    Interested in our unbossing experience?

    Marbles is fully committed to self-management. To achieve the company’s growth ambition, unbossing is crucial. Hifluence immersed the team in an intensive five-day programme: the Unbossing Experience.