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We transformed a lot of leading unbossing, agile and self-management theory into hands-on, easy-to-use, actionable unbossing tools.

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  • Unbossing Future State Canvas

    The ‘Unbossed Future State Canvas” is a strategic management template for developing your vision on an unbossed organization.

  • Conflict Resolution Card

    The ‘conflict resolution card' helps teams to deal with conflicts, have a non-violent dialogue and learn from the wisdom and insights behind the emotions.

  • Decision-Making Flowchart

    The advise/consent decision flowchart allows organizations to balance speed and quality of decisions.

  • Operational Meeting Card

    The “Operational Meeting card” helps to leverage the traditional team or project meeting as a powerful ritual enhancing team performance.

  • Driving Change Mapper

    The “driving change mapper” is a tool designed to help you identify and prioritize the tensions – situation you want to change – in your organization.

  • Domain Card

    The ‘domain cards helps create structure and clarity for a distinct area of influence, activity and decision making within the organization. This can be for a role, a team or a project.

  • Comfort Circle Canvas

    The ‘Unbossed Comfort Circle Canvas’ helps leaders crystalize what they mean with unbossing and how far they want go in terms of decentralized decision-making, purpose-driveness and wholeness.

  • Self-reflection Card

    The ‘Unbossed self-reflection card’ helps leaders make a quick assessment of their personal drivers for unbossing the organization, as well as their personal leadership style.

  • Unbossed Leader ID Checker

    The ‘Unbossed Leader ID Checker’ helps leaders at all levels to benchmark their views with the portrait of an unbossed leader based on the perspectives of successful unbossed leaders world wide. By answering these 14 questions you get a first insight whether an unbossed way of working and leading is something for you and your team.

Wat doet Hifluence? Welke problemen pakken we aan? 

Why Hifluence gifts all this knowledge for free?

 As a consequence of our drive to help society help create the organizations it needs, Hifluence wants to inspire 1.740.000 people or approximately 3.480 companies in Belgium and 700.000.000 people or approximately 34.600 organizations worldwide. 

So we opt to drop these tools in the gift economy: we gift the insights and all the work, knowing that you, like many others, will be generous and gift back in any way or form you can. 

So please, download this stuff, use it to build your own unbossed organization and share this content with your peers.