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We are Hifluence, the movement of unbossing
organizations and liberate potential.


As Belgium’s leading unbossing agency, we inspire and motivate brave leaders to cultivate the best in people, boost the effectiveness of teams and unleash innovation from within. Hifluence helps you shape human-empowered organizations and develop 21st century skills. We practice what we preach with a collection of proven principles and a core focus on human being.

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Unbossing Technopolis

Despite many efforts, our customer experience team, which is at the core of what we do, wasn’t working. In addition, as part of our transformation we had to let go 30% of the team. This added extra tensions on an already “unmanageable” team. Hifluence helped us to create a psychological safe space in the team and set shared goals to create clarity and engagement

Unbossing Ericsson Belgium

We wanted to create more internal awareness around change and inspire our employees to continuously develop and reinvent themselves. Hifluence inspired us to collaborate to fulfill our purpose and build a future-proof organization

The impact of Hifluence was very profound, intensive and confronting. It helped us discuss tensions, create a clear team structure and simply work better together.
Nathalie Mertens

Key Account Manager, Securex

Hifluence is our trusted partner and inspiring mentor in the development of the ‘Materné Verzekert of tomorrow’ as well as the corporate ventures in which we invest.
Olivier Swolfs

CEO, Materné Verzekert

Hifluence is a partner in the development of our organisation that knows how to grasp the core of why we do what we do.

Ruben Missine

Head of Business Analytics, Colruyt

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