Interim Management DNA


Inject purpose and self-development in your career.

How Unbossed Interim Management works

Work full-time as an Unbossed Interim Manager in the field of Transformation²HR³ or C-Level for a period of 6 to 24 months on a meaningful project, get things done and guide the team or organization towards a high performing culture.

Transformation² leadership roles, such as: Agile Coaches & Leadership, Product Owners, Organizational and Digital Transformations roles.

HR³ leadership roles, such as: HR / Talent Acquisition Manager, HR / Talent Acquisition Business Partner, HR Officer and HR Team Lead Roles.

3 reasons to join Hifluence as UIM*

*Unbossed Interim Manager

Find Purpose in your Project and Environment

You are looking for a project to make a difference, supported by an environment of purpose and connection. You will get a higher project satisfaction and establish deeper human connections.


Get Trained & Inspired

You will be trained on multiple ‘future-of-work’ crafts and have access to our toolsets and knowledge. You will experience continuous inspiration and learning which in turn will make a difference on your work and future career.


Be part of the Hifluence Community

Our Hifluence Community will be your playground. Ideas are exchanged, learnings shared and you will get inspired. A constant flow of fresh ideas, vibrant energy and an ever growing network of peers awaits you!

We are looking for you!

Did you detect some Unbossed DNA in your Interim Management blood? Did our 3 reasons to join turned a big smile on your face?
If the answer is ‘yes’ on both of these questions: look no further, leave your details and we’ll get back to you within 5 working days to discuss our journey!


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What does the Training consist of?

We will immerse you into the world of unbossing by training you on 6 distinct leadership skills while you are working on your project. Learning is a constant at Hifluence and we will give you plenty of it. Our ambition is to inspire and install in you a growth mindset to bring the best version of yourself and deliver high impact.

What is the Community about?

Our peer-2-peer community of unbossed leaders will blow you away. You are also invited to share, ask and exchange ideas with like-minded unbossed interim managers and the entire Hifluence ecosystem. 

How do we work together with Unbossed Interim Managers?

We are continuously growing our ecosystem of freelancers and contractors to accelerate the realization of our purpose: giving society the organizations it needs. 

Wat doet Hifluence? Welke problemen pakken we aan? 

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