The world moves so fast today. 
The past seems so far away. 

People squeezed so tight, they can’t breath. 
Organizations caught up in old ways, they’re no longer able to achieve. 

I see so many organizations in descent
and wonder where the fire went

What happened to the passion that started everything? 

I hear so many cry for help,  searching outside themselves: agile, design thinking, self management, etc
but a fool with a tool is still a fool

We need to remind ourselves that we, humans, are the solution
The fire, it burns in us. 

Deep in our hearts, 
we know this is not how it’s supposed to be

If only we could make up our minds
and understand unbossing is our destiny

For if you wish all your employees to turn insane
Look no further than a bullying leader who causes widespread pain

The one who still believes good leadership is strict command and control 
is breeding a poison of apathy into each and every role

In the end, the only thing I desire
Is not success, nor status, nor to be admired

I simply want everyone to have a workplace where we treat each other like we want to be treated ourselves 
and everyone loves what they do, and love even themselves

Is this really so much to ask for, is my question to you? 
I hope you learn much more about this topic and make up your own view. 

Because unbossing cannot be mapped nor imposed, 
That we are all unbossed by nature is a truth only you yourself can endorse. 

Nick Van Langendonck

(inspired by Ravi Rao & Lauren Hill)


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