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What problems do we tackle? And how do we handle that?


What is Unbossing?  

The ambition of unbossing is to make a significant difference to every organization. In this video, you’ll learn about the three dimensions of unbossing.

Why should you unboss your organization? 

An organization is the interface between the external and internal world. In many organization this interface is broken.

How an unbossed leader looks at change 

Change is the only constant. What does this mean from a leadership and organization perspective?

The role of a middle-manager

You’d be surprised what happens to an organization when middle managers make this shift from boss to leader. 

A value proposition for every team

Thomas Hubbuch explains why both external – and internal facing teams need to understand their value and their customer. 

Redesign your budgeting process

Is it possible to redesign the annual financial control and budgeting process in an unbossed way?

Don’t label people as change resistant

The first thing you should know is that 80% of the resistance you feel is only temporarily. So be very careful with labeling people in your organization as change-resistant.

Prepare & Personalize your change

A lot of resistance to change could be avoided if leaders would only prepare better and make the new change as personal as possible. 

Test & Rehearse until you have a hit

What leaders can learn from musicians and stand-up comedians about communicating a new purpose, vision and/or strategy into the organization. 

What are the breakthroughs of the unbossed organization? 

Organizations and the way we look at work evolves over time from one one perspective to another. In this video i explain the major breakthroughs of the unbossed organization.

Why an unbossed leader does not talk in buzz words?  

Communication is key. Successful unbossed leaders have a specific way of communicating with the organization. This video talks about the language they use and the words they avoid.

How are decisions made in an unbossed organization?  

It’s a common misperception that everybody can do what they want in an unbossed organization. We see 4 types of decision-making processes used in different situations depending on what the organization needs.

Three types of unbossed organization structures 

The structure of an organization is a means to end. When we study unbossed organizations world wide we see three types of different organization structures. Which type suits your organization goals best?

Three types of teams in an unbossed organization structure 

Unbossed organizations aim to give as much power as possible to the teams that are closes tO the customer. To make this work you need at least two other types of teams in your organization.

What makes a team effective?

Every person in an unbossed organization should understand the dynamics that have a significant impact on the effectiveness of a team. You will learn that what really matters is less about who is on the team, and more about how the team works together.

Similarities between modular software design and unbossed organizations

Both software and organizations are complex and continuously evolving systems. It’s interesting how much organizational developers and software developers can learn from each other.


What are the best unbossed organization systems? 

There are several methodologies to organize work and decision making in an unbossed organization. In this video we provide you with a short summary and our perspective on the matter.

What’s the main problem to solve for an unbossed leader?

Unbossed leaders shift from scaling efficiency to scaling innovation. Eliminating bureaucracy and cultivating creativity requires a completely new perspective on organizations.

The role of a manager in an unbossed organization

A common mistake in unbossing journeys is that leaders stop leading and managers stop taking decisions. Here’s why this is wrong and what leaders and managers should be doing in stead (and no longer be doing).

Where to start Unbossing?

You are a believer. You want to unboss your organization, but where do you start? At the top, at the bottom or in the middle? In this short video, I provide some practical insights.

What are 21st century skills, and why are they crucial in Unbossing?

You are a believer.Every organization that wants to unboss should invest in training every person in the organization in these 21st century skills.

The nine characteristics of an unbossed leader

Research shows that leaders and managers matter. They have a significant impact on business outcomes and employee engagement. But what does this mean in an unbossed organization in terms of management style? Here are the 9 characteristics your leaders and managers should. 

What are the most common root causes for unbossing failures? 

What can we learn from organizations that have tried to unboss, but failed? In this video, you’ll get the essence of tens of studies worldwide as a source of inspiration for you not to make the same mistakes again.

Four key unboss questions every unbosser should answer!

Self-aware leadership is the corner stone of the unboss journey. Here are four key questions every leader in the organization should reflect on.

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