21st Century skills are abilities that we believe everybody in the organization from the CEO to the cleaning staff and everybody around should master if they want to thrive in the organizations and the world of 21st century. 

We at Hifluence see 5 abilities that are absolutely crucial for anyone in the profit or non-profit organizations of the 21st century:

Non Violent Communication

In a world where there are so many different viewpoints, so many solutions for the same problem, the ability to have deep and compassionate communication with each other, to really listen and understand each other is probably the most important one.

In traditional organizations I would say that 80% of communication is lost in translation and so we collaborate with each other based on the remaining 20% that is actually captured.
NVC is a great ability to increase that level to 80% or more.

Decision making

There are many different ways to take decisions: autocratic, democratic, consensus, consent, etc.
The problem in traditional organizations is that we only know and apply one.
Autocratic: the boss decides. Whereas different challenges or topics require different types of decision making. So understanding these different possibilities and knowing when to apply which one is also a crucial ability. 

Getting Things Done 
We all have a shit pile of things to do both in our personal and professional life. And most of the time the pressure is high to get as much done as possible. So personal productivy is key and getting things done, the power of clearing the mind, sharpening their focus, and accomplishing more, is a must-have technique in your bag.

Design Thinking, Lean Start Up & Agile 

If people and organizations want to stay relevant they have to adapt every day.
Challenge the status quo. Now you don’t need to be a design thinking or agile expert.
But we do believe everyone in organization must understand the mindset, the moral behind these techniques.


This is by far the most important one of all. When things go wrong, or rather, when we experience a situation and judge it as bad, the first thing we do is look outside of ourselves for reasons: another colleague, the boss, the ressources, etc. The ability to first and foremost turn within yourself. What did you bring into the situation and start a journey of understanding oneself is in our opinion what will truly differentiate people and organizations from the 20th century with those of the 21st century.

There is a reason why the old saying goes:

“Self knowledge is the beginning of wisdom” 


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