The term unboss comes from the book Unboss published in 2014 and written by 80some people in a collaborative effort let by Lars Kolind and Jacob Botter. 

Unbossing is a new perspective on organizations. It’s a mindset that turns conventional , 20th century understanding of management and work on its head, and transforms companies as we know them into unlimited movements. 

Unboss is a person, a process, a team and a movement. 

A person and a Team

The unboss is a leader that shapes together with his or team the new organization to become a framework for everybody that shares their passion, to feel safe, to take ownership, to have impact and make profit. 

A process

To unboss an organization is the process of transforming the organization into something that does the job better today and tomorrow. 

A movement

Last but not least, unboss is the movement for all of us who are passionate about creating the organizations of the 21st century.


“The organizations our society so desperately needs”


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