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Unbossing your organization liberates human potential

As a leader you are used to facing new challenges. Every day you aim to outperform yourself. But ambitious goals are impeded by the framework of your organization. Hierarchy and red tape slow you down. Too much time and resources are wasted on senseless bureaucracy. Once a frontrunner, your organization slipped into the status quo and now it is in danger of falling behind. 

 This is no surprise. You are not alone. World-wide research proofs top-down organizations with a heavy and inflexible corporate structure report multiple disadvantages:


  • 95% of corporate ceo’s say they are bad at innovation
  • 50% of employees say they don’t feel involved
  • 15% of employees say they are completely disconnected
  • 80% of employees say their opinions don’t matter
  • 90% of employees say they don’t feel free to experiment with new ideas

During my whole career I’ve had the biggest joy when seeing my people release their full potential and passion, feeling trusted and empowered. Over and over again, I saw that breaking up the cage of “Command-And-Control” is the key to achieving this. Unbossing is for me freedom, trust, clarity and purpose.

Thomas Hubbuch, former Sugar CEO

To change fundamentally is to change top to bottom

The answer is to make a radical shift in your management model. At Hifluence we call it unbossing. Unbossing starts by flattening the pyramid structure of management. But we don’t stop there. We help you to build a new type of organization where everyone is invited to experiment, to learn and to contribute.

This change is driven by the desire to maximize the human potential hidden within your organization. Unbossing results into a resilient, inspiring and creative environment where people are capable of:

  • Creating a culture of innovation
  • Building sustainable customer relations
  • Increasing productivity
  • Attracting and retaining human talent

A new management model

For me, the essence of unbossing is working from a fundamentally different management model and mindset.

It is about cutting down bureaucracy, letting go of top-down control and inviting people to bring more of their unique talents to work, where they can contribute with more autonomy and responsibility to build a company that is more productive and innovative.

It will not only make organizations more competitive, but it will make them magnets for talent in the marketplace

Stephan Janssens, former online Banking CEO

A deeper level of transformation

Do you believe pure focus on optimisation, efficiency and engaging people in the umpteenth change is still making your organisation more succesful?

Unbossing, agile, teal, collaborative…is about a deeper level of  transformation that will enable organisations to thrive in the this oh so exciting 21st century.

To create this new reality, we’re going to have to UNLEARN almost everything we’ve learned over the last 150 years about how you organize people at work. Goodbye to organizations as machines, hello to organizations as ever evolving living organisms. 

Charlotte Verhaeghe, Consultant & conflict expert

Unleash creative potential

What most deeply motivates me is to inspire and help people to courageously share more of their authentic self and do more of what makes them come alive. Unbossing is all about creating human-centred organizations in which everyone is engaged to bring their entire self to the table, to collaborate and speak up in deeply authentic ways while contributing to a meaningful higher purpose. Being able to tap into the full creative potential, leadership, and resilience of all its people, it is my conviction that those companies are the ones to thrive tomorrow. It would be an honour to guide leaders on this journey.

Evert Desmidt, Creativity & Innovation Expert

We are a movement

Hifluence is a movement of like-minded corporate executives and consultants who just know intuitively and by experience that in a world of unrelenting change and unprecedented challenges, we need organizations that give everyone the opportunity to learn and innovate. That is to me what unbossing is all about. 

Nick Van Langendonck, Hifluence Founder

Hifluence creates organizations society needs

In a volatile and fast changing world, new challenges emerge every day. How we answer those challenges determines the future of our planet for generations to come. Only resilient and financially healthy organizations can make a sustainable contribution to a better world. Hifluence supports organizations in realizing that potential. How? By creating an environment where employees are continuously crafting their personal talents. After all, the essence of life is to grow and to give back, isn’t it?

“Restore the garden of eden that we call earth.” – David Attenborough

Imagine a world full of organizations where employees feel connected, engaged and confident to share ideas and take initiative. Imagine what we can achieve if 95% of employees work on products and services they are passionate about. Are you ready to liberate human potential?


The essence of unbossing is creating and holding space for others … and for yourself. Generating and nurturing organic connections within and outside the company where the magic of co-creation leverages people, business and society. From my personal experience as a CEO, a key enabler for this is leaders mastering the art of leaving the past behind, learning to let go together with mastering the art of making trusted strategic business decisions.

Kris Debisschop, Former Strategic Consulting CEO

Our Working Style – Breaking with tradition

We practice what we preach

Unbossing is our way of life

We work at the edge of human being and - doing

From heart to hard, inspirational and vulnerable

We dive deep into the organisational system

We are not ‘fixing’ problems

We always start from 'What's in it for me?'

As an individual, a professional, a leader and a customer

We are movement

Not a traditional consultant firm

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